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October 17, 2011


Mary Jane Hurley Brant

What an absolutely delightful post. My memory has been deliciously turned back to those days when my daughter, Katie, and my son, Richard, would beg me "the mother" not to answer the door in a costume. But I, a mother of some drama and hilarity, could not resist the night, the moon and any spell I might cast.

And, Sarah, I did not sew so you are so correct with mothers worriment over costumes. Indeed horror ripped down my All Hallows spine which creaked, groaned and shouted out, "OMG!" thinking of the kids next door dressed as characters from Dickens.

But my kids were inventive and free spirits and found stuff oftentimes in my own wardrobe (now, that's a scary image)and the ghosts and the devil be damned!

Sarah Ban Breathnach

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