The Six Graces of Simple Abundance
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August 25, 2014


mary kennard mft

I so miss SBB and check this site periodically to see if any thing new has posted..It's like hearing from a dear friend! I continue to keep Simple Abundance close to my hand and heart and have given countless copies to others. Much luck on this new chapter. Hope to meet you someday!!

Nancy Neumann

Leaders please join me in Congratulating Sarah on her First Children's Book,"The Best Part of the Day." I would like to encourage everyone to review this book for Sarah on both Amazon and Goodreads.I know she would deeply appreciate our love and support.Heartfelt Thanks, Nancy.

Emma Eriksen

How wonderful, I just ordred two from Amazon.
And Mrs. Kennard, you are a kindred spirit!
Sincerely, Emma

Linda Smith

Sarah, How happy I was to get this email today to confirm my subscription. I continue to practice my gratitude and recommend Simple Abundance to others. Will purchase this new book!! Sending love and blessings!

Janet McCarthy

This is like having you as a personal friend. I have read all your books. For every special friend I give them a copy of simple abundance. I love it!! I have also gotten many of the books you have referenced. You have been in my life for many years. Hope you still have your house in Ireland. It's on my bucket list to see some day. Loved having you I my life.

Deanna DeMarco

Welcome Back!!

My heart is over joyed to know you have finished a children's book. I will be ordering a copy for myself to give to my beloved Granddaughter "Grace" I too, keep your abundance book on my bedside for continued inspiration. And have gifted to family and friends. You are and have been a constant in my life with your books, I feel blessed by your presence in my life! Thank you and may the same abundance you have given to others come back to you three-fold. God Bless you!

Lisa Russell

So happy to see you back! You've been thought of and missed. <3

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