The Six Graces of Simple Abundance
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April 26, 2016



Thank you, Sarah, for reminding all of us to have our 'inner self' and our 'outer self' match. There really is no better definition of authenticity than this!

Yes, I struggled with letting go of my mother's hats, okay, I did keep a couple but I am extremely selective on what I keep. Because I've had to let go of so much that was special and loved by me I'm not a big holder anymore. Besides, think about what our family would have to deal with should we need to move or we're sick or we've gone back to God. Do we want someone rummaging through our personal belongings? I don't. I only want someone to put a final sweep of lipstick on my lips, give my cheek a gentle kiss, and tell me that my life meant something. Peace and love, MJ


I'm so glad you are back.I've searched online thinking maybe something happened to you but in any event,your message was timely,especially with Mercury going retrograde on Thurs,time to clear the clutter.Looking forward to more messages from you .

Marilyn B Moore

Welcome, welcome back! Your writing speaks to me - always. Thank you. Although I am sad to learn that I may never finish War and Peace.


Streamline is my theme for 2016. I started the year reading Marie Kondo's book on the art of decluttering and have pledged to bring simplicity to my possesions (read: less stuff) and my relationships. Keep it simple but real, no time for fluff...

It's nice to have you back!


Last week I googled to see if there was something about you that I didn't hear about you...I have missed you so much! What a gift it was to see this today! Please don't stay away for long! Your writing speaks to my soul....


You have a gift more than any of the new "bloggers" out there. You are the master. Please, come back to where you belong. Writing for the world to enjoy. You touch our souls.



I just picked up my worn copy of Simple Abundance from 1996 this past week for the first time in years. I have never Googled you before but had this impulse to do so just now. I find it so coincidental that the first entry you have had in 2 years was today!! Almost every page of this book is dog-eared with notes on all sides. Your book helped me learn to savor life so much more. I have also taken many successful leaps of faith in part from reading and savoring this book. Thank you so much!


Sarah- I love you so much! So very happy to see you back where you belong. You invented blogging and have so much wisdom and grace to share. Thank you for coming back! The world needs your messages of hope and beauty.


Would love to see this return on a regular basis!

Kimberley Shardlow

Thank you! Just thank you! 💟


🍃🌸 Happy Birthday to one
who has blessed my life so so much 🌸🍃
Dearest love, Emma in Norway

Gina Lestelle Mondello

Wishing you a blessed Birthday Sarah. Your words of wisdom and encouragement have meant so much to me.

Sharing one of my favorite birthday quotes with you today:

"Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: the same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again." -Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Blessings and Love Sarah, Gina in Corona, CA

Linda Barlogio

I happened upon your blog tonight because I needed some wise words and you are the queen of wise words! Simple Abundance was very important in my life for a long time and I still refer to it to find inspiration and comfort.
Please continue giving us your thoughtful ideas and inspiration in your blog.
Love, Linda

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